L.A. based interdisciplinary artist Scott Pagano works at the intersections of digital art, design, and music. Pagano’s distinctive visual approach and cinematic sensibility infuse his surreal audio-visual worlds, which feel both aesthetically precise and emotionally evocative. Images bloom and mediascapes transform through a complex process of procedural and generative variations of digital image making. Pagano’s work explores junctures between seeming opposites, including the technological and the affective, the organic and the mechanical, the abstract and the figurative, the cerebral and the sensual. 

Cinematic in scope, Pagano’s mesmerizing mediascapes are inspired by the subtlety of art cinema, the energy of the blockbuster, and the contemplative tradition of experimental film and video art. Sound and image operate symbiotically, producing immersive intensity and intellectual engagement.

Pagano’s body of work takes on many different shapes, moving between the worlds of fine art, high-end design, and both experimental and popular music. His work with Neither-Field has been commissioned by bands, like Skrillex, Zedd, Kings of Leon, Wolfgang Gartner, Dryo, Flying Lotus, and the M Machine. Additionally, Pagano’s moving image and installation work has been exhibited internationally at sites and festivals including Mutek (Montreal), Ars Electronica (Linz), Siggraph (Seoul), Transmediale (Berlin), Institute of Contemporary Art (London), Tate Liverpool (Liverpool), MoMA (San Francisco), Lincoln Center (New York), Rotterdam Film Festival (Rotterdam), and British Film Institute (London).

Born in Vineland, NJ
Resides in Los Angeles
BA, Art Semiotics, Brown University, 2001


File Electronic Language International Festival - Sao Paulo, Brazil 


Decibel Festival - Seattle, WA


Mutek - Cinechamber - Montreal, Quebec
Circle of Light Festival - Moscow, Russia


CYNETART Festival - Cinechamber - Dresden, Germany
Musikprotokoll Festival - Cinechamber - Graz, Austria
CTM Festival - Cinechamber - Berlin, Germany
FILE ANIMA+ - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Group Show - Youngprojects Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Transmediale - Berlin, Germany
Volta NY - New York, NY
Lexus Hybrid Art Fair - Moscow, Russia


Siggraph Asia Computer Animation Festival - Seoul, Korea
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival - Clermont-Ferrand, France
Media Arts - San Francisco, CA
Spore Incident Festival - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Linz, Austria
Shnit Film Festival - Berne Switzerland & Cologne, Germany
Glasgow Film Festival - Glasgow, Scotland
Edinburgh Film Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland
Dubrovnik Fashion Week - Dubrovnik, Croatia
HatchFest - Asheville. NC
Visual Music Marathon - New York, NY
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art - Minneapolis, MN
The Complex - Santa Fe, NM


Video Dumbo - Galapagos Art Space - Brooklyn, NY
Vision’r festival - Paris, France
Independent Exposure - San Francisco, CA / Philadelphia, PA / San Antonio, TX
Photo Electric - Claire Oliver Gallery - New York, NY
Stemma - Claire Oliver Gallery - New York, NY
Cimatics Festival - Brussels, Belgium
Roxy Cinema - London, England
AV Social - Tate Liverpool - Liverpool, England
Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery - Clinton, SC
Claiming Space - Rubin Center for the Visual Arts - El Paso, TX
Philadelphia Live Arts Festival - Philadelphia, PA


Solo show - Velocity Festival of Digital Culture - Harris Museum - Preston, England
Playgrounds Audiovisual Arts Festival - Tilburg, Netherlands
Interfilm Short Film Festival - Berlin, Germany
Art of Digital Show - San Diego, CA
Culturavj Festival - Cordoba, Spain
Hipersonica - File Electronic Language International Festival - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Impakt Festival - Utrecht, Netherlands
Institute of Contemporary Art - Optronica Festival - London, England
British Film Institute - Optronica Festival - London, England
Visual Music Marathon - Boston Cyberarts Festival - Boston, MA
Recombinant Media Labs - San Francisco, CA
Visual Sensations Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands
VisioSonik - Lille, France


HDFEST - Los Angeles, CA - New York, NY
Mobile Video Festival - Paris, France
V2 Institute For The Unstable Media - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Recombinant Media Labs - San Francisco, CA
Decibel Festival - Seattle, WA
Cinespace - Los Angeles, CA
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival - Clermont-Ferrand, France
Dissonanze Electronic Music and Digital Art Festival - Rome, Italy
Hijacked - Perth Institute of Contemporary Art - Perth, Australia


Cimatics Festival - Brussels, Belgium
Bradford Animation Festival - West Yorkshire, England
Virginia Film Festival - Charlottesville, VA
Audiovisual Interactions - New Forms Festival - Vancouver, Canada
Synaesthesiologists - Lincoln Center - New York, NY
Domino Effect - Santa Fe Art Institute - Santa Fe, NM
Sonic Vision - SFMOMA - San Francisco, CA
Eyebeam Atelier - New York, NY
Videozone - Tel Aviv, Israel
LAB Exhibition of Experimental Video - Salt Lake City, UT
Backup Festival - Weimar, Germany


Xploding Cinema - Seattle Film Festival - Seattle, WA
Selfware Festival - Graz, Austria
AMODA showcase - Austin, TX
Die-Lounge - Mannheim, Germany
Chicago Motion Graphics Festival - Chicago, IL
X-Fest - New York, NY
Ann Arbor Film Festival - Ann Arbor, MI
Cucalorus Film Festival - Wilmington, NC
RE:CODE - The Farm - Brisbane, Australia
Vertical Video - Rochester, NY
Transcinema Festival - San Francisco, CA


Rotterdam Film Festival - Rotterdam, Netherlands
New York Underground Film Festival - New York, NY
Air Portugal II - Pond Gallery - San Francisco, CA